EnhancedScroller builds upon the Unity UI, giving you a toolset to boost your project's performance and make it shine.

Want a fast and mobile-friendly way to display tons of data?

EnhancedScroller virtualizes your data, showing only the elements it needs to. Take thousands of rows and display them in a handful of UI elements, speeding up processing and saving memory. There is no object destruction, so your platform won't have to run garbage collection. Best of all, it works on top of Unity's own built-in UI system components.

Lists are data driven and created dynamically, so you won't have to set them up at design time. Use your own data structure and provide callbacks for the scroller to access your data.

As you scroll, the script recycles elements that have moved out of the scroll area, placing them at the top or bottom of the list and resetting their data. It works seamlessly, so you can't even tell it is recycling unless you turn off your scroll mask.


  • Dynamic, data-driven lists

  • MVC pattern for separation of concerns

  • Efficient recycling of list items

  • Optional infinite looping

  • List items are fully customizable to fit your project

  • Demos, tutorials and full source code are all included